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send/Recieve Data using Socket IO c#


I only need send/Receive Data (data-table,data-set,variable ,string etc.) between Client And server.. i am no need audio,video conversation etc.. just for send/Receive data i making a sample in c# window OS.

i want use socketIO because client and server are on different network and client pc are behind NAT .

1) on Desktop app i am using Csharp this line of code will send String to connected server..

public void SendMessageSamples()

socket.Send(new TextMessage("Hello from C# !")); // send plain string message
socket.Emit("hello", new { msg = "My name is SocketIO4Net.Client!" }); // event w/string payload

But on server side what should i use For Receive/Send Data from Client.

If I use XHR Signalling app on server side for receive/Send data ,Is that Will work with client window app socket io app???? SignalR or WEBRTC ????

Note : on server i can make both web/window application ,,Just only on client pc i must use window app c#.

Give me the best Solution please .