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feature request "set resource"; reconnecting does not work properly; possible to set a proxy?

Jan 21, 2014 at 4:28 PM
Hello Jim,

first of all thank you very much for your library. I hope that you will support this project in the future, because it's the only good C# client for
  1. I've a feature request. My problem is that my should not be accessable over "[host]/" but over "[host]/[somepath]/" e.g. "domainABC/NotificationService/".
    To achieve this it should be possible to configure the "resource" like in the (see: or your client should just consider the absolute uri given in the constructor, e.g. "http://domainABC/NotificationService/". I've looked at your code and in the end there are just a few lines of code you have to change. It would be cool if you could fix this in the next release.
  2. It seems that the "reconnecting"-feature does not work properly. I have a client and a server, connect with the client to the server, shut down the server, the client recognizes that the websocket connection was closed but does not try to recconect. If you have a look at the method "Client.ReConnect()", you see that client only tries to reconnect if "this.ioTransport != null", but you set "this.ioTransport" to null in the method "this.CloseWebSocketClient()" called a few lines before.
  3. Are you planning new releases in the next time?
  4. Were any problems about (corporate) proxies reported? Is it possible to set a proxy in the client?
Thank you very much and keep it up!

Best regards.

Mathias Schmidt
Jan 22, 2014 at 1:00 AM
Hi Mathias, thanks for input.

1) I'm not sure this ever came up in any prior issues. Just need to test/check changes for socket namespace and such, shouldn't be a big deal.
2) I haven't run into that issue. Are you running out off of NuGet, master, dev, or from the develop github repo? A quick test here, and the client reconnected from a server recycle.
3) As for the next release, the develop branch on github needs a bit more testing & cleanup/refactoring. If you could help out testing, that would be awesome. Up until now, I had been holding off a bit & waiting to see if v1 released. I am rethinking that plan.
4) Corporate proxies - various issues. Most of the issues I've personally run into are with corporate firewalls of various flavors. They won't pass and/or block the socket & socket upgrades, etc. There is where the latest gitbub develop branch comes in, as it also supports long polling.

Jan 22, 2014 at 12:32 PM
Hey Jim,

thanks for your quick answer.

1) I want to run the over iisnode in IIS, so I need this "extra" uri path due to the virtual directory of the application in the IIS.

2) Sorry for less details. Reconnecting works with the current version from Nuget, but it doesn't work with the current develop-branch version (commit: 9657a55527564c5b2b8833de17c66f98169fce06) from github. I've tested it with your samples in the develop-branch solution as well.

3) I will definitly test against the current develop-branch in the next weeks/months and will give you feedback as soon as possible. It would be cool if earlier minor releases/bugfixes are possible, but I've read that version 1.0 will be released soon, 11 days ago.

5) I've read that you plan to release a .NET4.0-version (using websocket4net library) and a .NET4.5-version (using the native .NET-sockets). Does that mean that the .NET4.5-version will only work if the client runs on Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012?

Thanks in advance.